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Ginny Marie's Boutique & Monogram Gift Shop celebrates women & fellowship! We love our loyal customer base, our fabulous staff, and our community. We carry boutique apparel, jewelry, monogram gifts, and general gifts. Our gal is fun, trendy, and most likely southern! While she keeps up with the trends, she also loves to stand out!

We only wholesale the Ginny Marie line.  Ginny Marie's carries the Ginny Marie line along with tons of other fashion forward brands & designs.  

We are excited to offer Ginny Marie original designs wholesale.  The most inspiring trend in small business today is the desire to give back!  Community support is so powerful.  We are SO GRATEFUL to be given this opportunity to give back!  10% of every wholesale purchase is donated to community programs that connect homeless individuals with the necessary resources to transition them out of homelessness and into the workforce.